Our project consulting services focus on improving our clients’ most critical issues and unlocking opportunities that fit their projects. With extensive, functional expertise, our team can be best trusted in delivering a holistic service offering for our client base.

Marketing and Communications

Our core purpose in marketing and communications is to build brand awareness while maintaining relationships with customers. Our all-round marketing services include copywriting, brand management, graphic designing, website management, social media management, and media liaison.

Financial Administration

With an aim of performing a project on time and on budget, our team is accountable for making suitable plans, technology improvements, and handling finance-related activities that are aligned to your business goals.

Skills Development and Training

Our team is fully accredited with SASSETA in aiming to mentor employees and develop their skills in efforts of acquiring organisational value. We specialise in skills audits and the identification of training needs and are well equipped with Assessors and Moderators that are registered with various training authorities such as TETA, LGSETA, AGRISETA, SERVICES SETA, and PSETA.

Project Management

All our projects are strategically planned and managed with the same processes and methods to achieve customised project solutions. We treat all our projects with delicacy, whether big or small, and evaluation is properly done after project execution.

Human Resources

Employees are the foundation that builds every business’s success. If not managed well, it derails operations in other business functions. Besides recruiting and placing employees for different roles, we are experienced in disciplinary procedures, and developing and supporting employees’ welfare to improve performance.