Small Business development drives us
We’re a team devoted to transforming small businesses into success stories.
One-stop consulting
Our best-skilled field experts offer a host of services for all your needs.
Black or white, no grey areas
Business is most successful when conducted ethically and transparently.

Strategic services for growth

Rock Solid Project Consulting offers you a one-stop shop for all your business needs that maps you above your competitors. Besides quality control and setting a budget, there are other initiatives to consider in gluing your entire project together. Our team of highly experienced professionals is readily available in ensuring that all boxes are ticked in building your business’s success story.

How we work

With Clients

Step 1

Personal meet and greet

Step 2

Determine clients’ needs and objectives

Step 3

Present proposal

Meet the Directors

Diane Jonker

Graphic Design &
Financial Administration


Basil Myners

Human Resource Management & Training